The Indigo Book Critique

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The book by Catherine E. McKinley “Indigo” is the discovery of author as it relate to Indigo. Catherine have attracts the reader mind by sharing the histories and tales of indigo dye. Through her book, the reader can learn more of what was hidden in history such as indigo in relation to the transatlantic slave trade. After reading the book, one will be very familiar with Indigo as well as with the life of African peoples. I think the author wrote this book to let the readers’ know more about Indigo and its origins. She shared us her personal journey, and throughout the book she faces many struggles to find the pure indigo which shows the reader that the indigo is not something that we can find in everyday basis, it proves that the indigo is one of the most important treasure in our textile world. Through her book, we can also learn more about Africans life such as how they live, and how they feel about the Indigo. We can find how precious the indigo is in African culture. I believe her most intended audience are the people who are involved with textile industry since the book shares the history and importance of indigo. But I will suggest that everyone can read this book because the book contains lot of informations of African people and their culture so it is recommendable to anyone that want to explore how are the lives of people are, how they…show more content…
The most of the book informations contain lot of informations about the African peoples’ life and culture such as how mourning in done, what are some rules, how they live and list goes on. The way we live our life in United States and the way they live in Africa have vast differences. It was sad to read about those people who in poverty, who have to work all day to have meal on their plate, such as Eurama. The book shares the history of indigo, author also mentioned about the dying, how it is done, which I found to be helpful since I am the student trying to learn more about the
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