Summary Of Indonesian Democracy

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SUMMARY OF SCIENTIFIC PAPERS The citizens of a country have the right to obtain justice, opportunity, and the same voice, when associated with a concept of political ideology of democracy is the most ideal answer. Abraham Lincoln (1808-1865) American President to say that democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people or democracy is Government of the people, by the people and for the people. So indirectly people will participate run through a governance system that can be held to run the people 's sovereignty. Talk about the history of democracy in Indonesia, as already described in the Constitution, has been through various processes of adjustment since the independence era to the present, where the student or student 's youth movement became an important element of his supporters. From 1908 through the Boedi Oetomo, 1928 through 1945, sumpah pemuda undertook to determine the independence of Indonesia or the birth SO, 1946-1949 joined the student army against colonial Netherlands, 1966 alongside the people and ABRI gives birth to a new order that ended the existence of the PKI in Indonesia, 1977/78 do corrective movements against cheating in the election of the new order and against the results of the MPR General session which was assessed unfairly and then again seized the world 's attention in 1998 toppled the Suharto era. The student movement since independence is then institutionalized into the Student Council and the student Assembly. The

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