Summary Of Inside Fahrenheit 451

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Inside, Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury practices a submissive, colloquial, and provocative tone as he writes. These varied tones offered demonstrate change in diction. A first claim is validating a difference in diction which stipulates a submissive tone. Montag is obedient while spotting the aircrafts that carry weapons. “The jet bombers going over, going over, going over, one two, one two, one two, six of them, nine of them, twelve of them.” (Bradbury 11) The author uses a submissive tone to show Montag’s uncertainty. A second claim displaying a difference in diction that generates a colloquial tone. “One two three four five six seven days” (Bradbury 25) There is a quick repetition of each day of Montag’s week. Furthermore; he is living
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