Summary Of Internship Relationship: MCB Bank

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To summarize my whole internship experience first of all I thanks to Allah Almighty Who gave me the courage, dedication and power and make me able to complete my internship activity with success.
I am also thankful to the Department of Administration Sciences of University of Gujrat who gave me the opportunity to work in renowned institution of Pakistan and to gain practical knowledge about the business world.
I have completed my internship period of six weeks in one of the Pakistan’s leading banking organization named as MCB Bank Limited.
Here in this branch I gained enormous knowledge relating to the professional business. This institution provides me the path to explore the real world of business and provide opportunity
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Who to deal the different types of people with different techniques? What are the techniques to solve the problems of different customer? In this department I personally interact with peoples and judge their mental levels and sort their problems accordingly.
In short I have gained a lot from this internship experience at MCB Bank. This six weeks period introduce a new sense of responsibility in myself. By performing the different responsibilities in the bank, this whole experience makes me more confident that I am capable to take any responsibility and I have an ability to tackle problems.
This internship period introduces me with my this hidden capability and off course my this strength helps me a lot in my future, all I have gained from these six weeks helps me in the future. All those activities that I have performed in these weeks help me a lot in my future career.
I became successful in completing my internship not because of my courage and dedication but also because of the knowledge that I have gained from my teacher in the course of regular studies. My classroom knowledge fully supports me in work which I have performed in the
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 I have learned much from the professionals.
 Practice makes perfect. I have learned about a specific technique in the classroom, and I implemented it in the professional filed.
 On a personal level i think my self-confidence has increased because I have been able to master some skills needed for this job
 I have become more comfortable having conversation with different type of people.
 Through internship, I gain clarity on my strengths, weaknesses, and interests.
 It helped me in increasing my professional confidence.
 It improved my communication skills.
 It helped me to get succeeded in real world apart from academic environment.
 I have come across with new people during my course of internship, which could help me get a time job after college.
 My bosses were very impressed by my hard work and enthusiasm,
 It helped me to experience the banking industry.
 Through an internship, I learned how to manage time, tasks and I learn how to carry myself in a professional environment.
 I learned a lot from the experience of my colleagues.

Responsibilities undertaken during the internship
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