Summary Of Invisible Man's Search

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In the beginning of the novel, the nameless invisible man heard the dying words of his grandfather which states "overcome 'em with yeses [and] undermine 'em with grins, agree ‘em to death and destruction. let em swoller you till they vomit or burst wide open." (pg.16) the narrator grandfather views this as war and advocate; by playing the system which oppresses your very existence, you can essentially take them for everything. these words became a paradox to the protagonist throughout the book; he was confused and didn 't understand the true meaning of what his grandfather had said at first. As an eager, ambitious and optimistic individual, he soon realizes the benefit of being invisible to the world. He lived by the words of his…show more content…
While are the golden day, they were introduced to the vet who tries to unwoke the narrator and Mr. Norton from the state of illusion.this is seen when the vet states “because you both fail to understand what is happening to you. You cannot see or hear or smell the truth of what you see- and you, looking for destiny! It’s classic! And the boy this automaton…...he sees far less than you”(pg 95). The vet tries to explain to the narrator and Mr. Norton that neither of them seems to be aware of their actual circumstances; he accuses Mr. Norton and the protagonist of continuing racism by not thinking of what is in the best interest of the race. Even though in a patient in the asylum he seems to be one of the most insightful on race “woke” person in the novel. The vet continued to rant about how the narrator is a “walking zombie! Already he’s learned to repress not only his emotions but his humanity. He’s invisible, a walking personification of the negative,....your dream sir! The mechanical man!(pg 94). The vet description of the narrator is that of an invisible man; a man who cannot think for himself or completely ‘woke’. The narrator is stuck in practicing servility so that he can advance his life and standards; In the process of this, he became invisible in the society “simply because people refuse to see him” for who he really
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