Figure Of Speech In Julius Caesar

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Heard of the cook who liked a particular guest? He was always currying favour with him. Bookish conversation Book 1- You look thinner Book 2- yes, I had my appendix removed What did the typewriter say to the font Answer- you are just my type What did the hungry clock do? He went back four seconds Past present and future walked into the room They were tense What was the pessimist's blood type? B Negative What happened when the mathematician told the joke about infinity? It did not have an ending How did the blood donor feel? Drained Tom Swifties are a special kind of pun which describes the situation appropriately using an adverb most of the time. "I need a pencil sharpener," said Tom bluntly. "Oops! There goes my hat!" said Tom off the top of his head.…show more content…
"I have a split personality," said Tom, being frank. "This must be an aerobics class," Tom worked out. Irony A figure of speech to convey a meaning that is different to the literal definition or a situation that ends up differently from the anticipated manner.. Irony in Shakespeare's Play Julius Caesar In Mark Antony's speech in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. When Antony declares, 'I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him,' and declares that the assassins are 'honorable men,' he means just the opposite." Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse was afraid of mouse Do you know what happened to the procrastinator’s meeting? It got postponed. The name of Britain’s biggest dog was “Tiny” Aboard a ship that is stranded mid
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