Summary Of Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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Nicholas Carr in his essay, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, gives a serious warming to the negative impact to people’s brains which is caused by the overmuch using of the Internet. First of all, Carr states the common phenomenon in using the Internet to be a resource which regards almost any information. In addition, Carr expresses that the convenience in using the Internet is destroying our independence in reading, writing and working and make us be accustomed to do any things relying on the Internet. On the other hands, Carr claims that the Internet is become the new largest distraction in our lives. The overload information is fulfill our lives and discourage us to pay attention to the actually objects of our work. Finally, Carr talk about that over-dependence to the technology now is actually affecting our brain on…show more content…
He uses the historical examples to shows the relationships between each technological evolution and “brain evolution” of human being. The interaction between two parts of evolutions exactly what Carr is concerning about, it’s slowly but actually accumulating the mental and physical effects to human’s brain. Even though it’s difficult to recognize the good or bad of this effects, Carr thinks that the effects themselves already deserve our worries. I’m of two minds about Carr’s claim that the internet makes us stupid. On the one hand, I agree that our minds, or more specific, the methods of our thinking are actually affected by the new technologies. On the other hands, no one can actually provide evidence to prove that most of the effects by the new technologies are negative. As my personal experience, one of the primary positive effect to me
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