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Is Spanking A Problem Solver? Today's day and age parents try to steer clear of spanking their children and try a more modern approach on parenting trying to give a positive discipline. But does that solve everything? In this article “No Spanking, No Time-Out, No Problem” Alan Kazdin uses several elements throughout this article. A few that stood out were Issues on discipline, Style using tone words to describe his feelings, and Characterization giving his point of view of bad behavior. Firstly, Kazdin presents the reader with a purpose, purpose being to persuade the reader to change the way parents discipline their kids. Kazdin forms a type of argument against the discipline of children and how it is ineffective in changing the behavioral…show more content…
Kazdin discusses multiple strategies and puts his use of scenarios together to help the reader understand what exactly can be used with a kid who can not contain his or her behavioral issues. He also uses multiple elements throughout this article helping the reader know what side to sway to. He first uses persuasion to draw the reader into his new idea and get them interested then he goes straight into talking about what they’re doing wrong and ways they can change the negative backlashes into the positive responses. Kazdin then moves to focusing on his tone, using specific words to explain how things in his eyes need to change and how bad they need to change. Using specific tone words help connect to the reader on a whole other level of connecting with the reader and helping the reader understand the importance of his message and how he wants to portray his idea. Lastly, Kazdin uses his point of view of it all to give the maximum input on discipline and how it doesn’t effect the outcome of behavior. Doing so gives more points towards his idea and helps parents and readers understand how viable his point is and how he wants it to be in effect and parents to actually use his idea. Explaining and giving examples of kids in certain situations also helps the reader understand certain ways that he wants this new parenting tool to play out. This article helps inform the reader on the “better” options to parenting and an attempt to help kids and their bad behavior lower significantly or that is the goal at
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