Summary Of Isabel Allende's Criticism In An Act Of Vengeance

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INTRO - "An Act of Vengeance" by Isabel Allende is a latin-american piece of literature. - According to feminists critics, literature adapted to this patriarchal society we have, and the feminist author, Isabel Allende, has exposed how men and women are in the society through her characters Dulce Rosa Orellano and Tadeo Cespedes. - The feminism theory is the outgrowth of the general movement to empower women worldwide. It recognizes and critiques male supremacy combined with the efforts to change this patriarchic view. - The goals of feminism is to show the importance of women and to bring gender equity. It also reveals that historical women have been subordinate to men, which is the reason why there are still some patriarchal societies in the modern setting. - This literary piece is a great example of feminism. It shows how men and women are portrayed; how women have more in them than what meets the eye; and how genders treat and react to each other. BODY 1 (answer to question 1) …show more content…

The most common idea is that women are weak, and men are strong. But through Allende 's work, women can not be described through the typical female stereotype; such as how they 're delicate, effete, and "meant for the kitchen". And that women can be described by how men are described; such as hardworking and capable of doing many things. - In this work, women are now able to become part of the monarchy, just like how Dulce Rosa became Carnival Queen. - Dulce Rosa is like the symbol for women in general. - Women are portrayed to be really beautiful, graceful, and elegant, just like how Dulce Rosa and other candidates for queen are described. But Dulce Rosa was looked down for, because the other candidates were much more beautiful than her. Allende proves that women shouldn 't only be based on beauty, because women possess other great attributes. With Dulce Rosa 's traits, it made others begin to like

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