Summary Of Ishmael's Book Thief '

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yeEven though This book was very boring and hard to get through,i’m glad i finished it.

Ishmael tells his story in graphic detail.

He starts from the very begining at his village. Ishmael along with his hip hop group walk to a nearby village . they returned to find out that there village had been attacked.

From that point on everybody is searching for their families while running from the village for their lives with little to no food and water. It 's hard and the journey is long. Having a safe place to stay and no food or water has made the travel difficult. While reading this book i feel hopeless and desperate. For these little boys it as the end of their world.

Ishmael is recruited by the government army as a fighter. He finally has a safe place to stay and food to eat.It is actually understandable when Ishmael is manipulated into fighting with the government army.
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the book is written in a way that 's informative. The story is a terrible tragic story and i do not recommend reading the book if you 're a
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