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Inside the Louvre Museum in Paris, and through its corridors Jacques Saunière the Curator in the Louvre is struggling for his life and for protecting the Holy Grail secret from a monk of Opus Dei known as Silas. Silas was sent to look for the secret place of the Holy Grail and must get it in any way, after threatening him Jacques Saunière reveals the secret. Silas shoots him and leaves him sinking in his blood. But Jacques Saunière fooled him about the truth of this sacred secret, he lied on him. Before he dies, Saunière draws a simple symbol of five lines forming a pentacle on his stomach and draws around him a circle with his own blood and then lies in its center representing Leonardo Da Vinci’s Virtruvian Man, besides this he writes an undecipherable…show more content…
And back again to the States hall where the Mona Lisa is, where her grandfather has left her more clues. Once Langdon up to the gate, he remembers Saunière’s message and pulls it from his pocket, and without hesitation runs towards the stairs to go back and find Sophie and help her, in that moment he recalls his memory about his numerous lectures about the Mona Lisa explains simply the mystery of her smile, how it was drawn by Da Vinci, and what the hidden message is that ranging between the colors. Sophie her expectations come true, that her grandfather left another clue behind him while Sophie is walking towards the Salle des Etats she finds Langdon and they works together to find the next clue. Behind the Madonna of the Rocks painting Sophie finds a golden key cross-shaped square carved with two characters (P.S.) which means Princess Sophie, and engraved with the lily flower (fleur-de-lis). Before they leave the Salle des Etats Langdon sheds Sophie’s ultraviolet penlight on the Mona Lisa in hope to find any other clue they find another message (24 Rue

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