Summary Of Jacque's Short Story: All Quiet On The Western Front

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Jean awoke slowly, his eyes blurry but eventually his vision returned. He sat up, looking around. He was in an office built underneath a trench in. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his stomach and put a hand over it. He saw his entire stomach was bandaged up and bleeding slightly. Suddenly he felt a pair of soft hands lay him down onto the bed, it was his friend, Jacque. “Easy, if you move around too much you’ll reopen your wounds.” Jean looked somewhat confused and so Jacque describe how when he and Jean charged out of the trench, they made it halfway across the field and were right beside a stone wall when suddenly a cannon shell landed right on the other side of the wall, destroying it but knocking the two unconscious. He also described how…show more content…
Their plan was to eventually make it to the city of Reims and eventually to Paris and hopefully they might have figured what is going on, find help and leave France, maybe move to America. The two had just entered the town, and all was silent, more so than usual. Jacque offered the idea that they hide out in the town’s school where he was taught and had just graduated from about a year ago. Jean decided to follow Jacque with no objections considering he himself did not really know where to go. They were currently walking down an empty street. Just then the moon high above came out of the clouds that were blocking it and its light shined brightly down upon the world below, making it easier for them to see. Jean was caught up in looking at the moon that he did not notice that his friend had stopped walking until he bumped into him and then he finally stopped. Jacque was silent as he nervously pointed forward to a hunkered human, moving slightly, only gurgles coming from him. Jean readied his rifle, aiming it at this person and called out to him. The person froze, lifting its head up and eventually managed to get to its
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