Summary Of James Geertz's Thick Description

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Introduction Clifford James Geertz is an American anthropologist, very well known for his influential theory on the field of symbolic anthropology. For three decades this theory of interpreting culture was regarded as one of the most important frame work to explain culture. Clifford Geertz presented this theory in his book namely ‘’Thick Description: Towards an Interpretive Theory of Culture’’ which is published in 1973. In this book he presented a method of doing anthropology. Geertz mention that he adopted the term “Thick Description” from the writings of philosopher Gilbert. He explain this term by adding that "a system of inherited conceptions expressed in symbolic forms by means of which men communicate, perpetuate, and develop their knowledge about and attitudes toward life."(p-89) “Deep play: notes on the Balinese…show more content…
After defining culture Geertz explain culture by thick description which specifies numerous details with an abstract structure and meaning. The subject of interpretation deals worth external expression and microscopic ethnography description which is regulated as the main pillars of his theory of thick description. He argues that “the descriptions given by anthropologist are something made something fashioned’’ (page-15). It doesn’t mean that they are false at their interpretation but the common practice is like that anthropologist used to go to the field and observed the events, than they take the data with them far away from the events place and not relaying natives view about their culture interpret in their own way by giving new background to
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