Citizen Kane In The Immigrant

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In The Immigrant, directed by James Gray, a Polish woman flees the war with her sister to find a better life in America. This film depicts the trials that an immigrant would go through in the early half of the 20th century. Arriving with no one to care for you and having little to no money. Ewa (Marion Cotillard) and her sister are met with adversity when her sister is detained for traveling with tuberculosis and Ewa can 't afford the price to pay for her sister 's care. Ewa, living in less than desirable conditions, must use her body to provide for the most important person in her life. In Citizen Kane, directed by Orson Welles, a news reporter must uncover the mystery behind Charles Kane 's (Orson Welles) last words, "Rosebud". Kane, a wealthy man by inheritance, led a vapid life filled with materialistic desire and a hunger for power. When Kane 's newspaper doesn 't gain traction he implements a new way to catch the eyes of customers called, 'yellow journalism, ' using headlines to attract readers instead of meaningful content. This type of journalism at the time was used for swaying the public eye to push the agenda of whoever owned the paper. What I contrived from The Immigrant is how willing immigrants are to find a better…show more content…
The first example would be when Kane is running for president and a scandal breaks out that he has a mistress and is cheating on his wife. This causes him to drop the race and an unflattering light is cast upon him. Another example would be towards the end when his mistress leaves him because of his inability to show her the love she desires. This destroys him and sends him into a craze destroying her room. On the contrary in The Immigrant women are the source of triumph. Ewa paves a way for herself and stops at nothing to get her sister out of the clutches of immigration officers. She uses her persistence and wit to help herself and her kin to reach California and a better
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