Summary Of Jamestown

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The colony of Jamestown was at a population of 504 after an arrival of a fleet of 9 ships carrying women, men, children and much needed food and supplies. Captain John Smith took hold of the chaotic government and put in place rigid policies of discipline and agricultural cultivation. In 1608 a gunpowder accident wounding Smith, his rivals used this opportunity to force him to return to England and name George Percy as his successor as president of the council. The day before John Smith’s departure, Captain Davis arrived with 16 other men adding to the population of Jamestown. However, a few weeks later, president Percy sent Captain Ratcliffe to build a fort for fishing and trade at Point Comfort. Captain Davis and his men were to join him, and name the place Fort Algernon.…show more content…
Many of the poor would take to the woods in search dogs, cats, rats, mice, or even snake to eat. The people of Jamestown resorted to digging up roots and berries and tried to survive off of the little fish they caught. As the famine took a toll on every soul in the colony, the most desperate dug up dead, buried corpses and boiled and stewed them. One man even resorted to killing his pregnant wife, throwing the baby in the river, and salting and powdering her for eating. This was discovered after he had already eaten parts of her, and he was punished by execution. Only sixty of the colonist had survived the harsh winter that will forever be known as the starving times. Sir Thomas Gates and Sir George Summers arrived in May 1610 with 150 people and some supplies from the Bermudas only to find the walking anomalies of Jamestown. Sir Thomas Gates took over as the new governor and order the immediate abandonment of Jamestown. They labored into June to build 4 ships to carry them all back to England. Once all were boarded and sailing down the James river, they spotted another ship headed their way.
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