Summary Of Jamie's Essay 'Shia Girls'

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Everybody judges others, despite being right or wrong, it’s the way people act upon those judgements that shows their true character. In a travel or any type of writing there is either reporting or producing. When the author is reporting what they are writing about, they try to be as accurate as possible and stay open-minded. However, when you produce you are already have an opinion on the matter and are more close-minded. Their composition about their subject is based more off of their own personal perspective than the reality of the situation. In Jamie’s travel writing “Shia Girls” her composition about her experience in Pakistan was written in a producing fashion. Jamie writes to Rashida about her new lifestyle of living on her own in a flat with some friends. (62) In Rashida’s letter back she expresses her concern “ We live in a home and safety. And you know how much we are happy and fully satisfy. We live a simple and Islamic life.” (62) she continues to say “ I am giving you a proposal. I want that you live with us in our country for ever.” Rashida sees Jamie’s life as dangerous and unsafe, ironically Jamie thinks the same of Rashida. Does…show more content…
Another cause of Jamie producing a negative perception of the Pakistani culture is the language she uses. Describing her bus ride to Pakistan she says "Outside buses were shunted and loaded, and belched black fumes into the already stinking air." (64) Instead of just describing herself getting on the bus she has to add in the negative aspects of each thing. She also did it again describing Golden Peak,she adds her thoughts after being inside. "I thought: this is a disgusting place, it should be torn down. I wrapped myself up in the shawl against the bugs, and fell into a sad but welcome sleep.” Because she already had a pre-determined set opinion about what the Pakistan 's culture was like, she wasn 't seeing it for what it truly was. Unfortunately this resulted in an entire negative portrayal of Pakistan that she
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