Summary Of Java Man By Malcolm Gladwell

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Article Response: Java Man Malcolm Gladwell presents a description of the progression of caffeine, particularly in the Western culture in order to show the impact of caffeine in the world. Through initiating and presenting a description of the operation of Coca-Cola, Gladwell proceeds to capture the attention of the reader since most readers are familiar with the product. Moreover, Gladwell proceeds to dismiss the commercial artist referred to as Haddon Sundblom, including the scheme that was employed to enhance the popularity of Coke through the creation of caffeine for children. It is imperative to note that this initiative enhanced the popularity of Coke and made it a household beverage. Other interesting links between the society and caffeine …show more content…

However, the argument placed much emphasis in the hands of an object as simple as coffee. In the contemporary world, people employ coffee as a stimulant, particularly in the morning to wake up individuals that are tired or struggling throughout the day, however, the stimulant does not trigger the intellect of individuals. The numerous people that were featured in the essay were significant since they demonstrated the ability to identify and solve a problem that was set by society. The primary reason for their success was due to the change in the times and the introduction of caffeine products and coffee, which substituted alcohol that was a popular …show more content…

It is possible to classify the most compelling argument as the examination of the life of Paul Erdos, a famous mathematician. Paul Erdos was a famous mathematician during the time he was alive working 19 hours a day, which was permitted by the high amounts of caffeine and drugs he consumed. After been challenged by a friend to quit drugs and caffeine for a month, Erdos won the challenge, however, his mathematical ability had declined during the period he did not consume drugs and caffeine. This presents one of the compelling arguments presented by Gladwell, who proposes that the world needs caffeine to prosper and innovate. Gladwell also makes his proposals more compelling through exploring numerous stories in order to provide evidence and make the argument stronger. Another story that triggers the thoughts of the reader is the exploration of the Russian soldier that was responsible for the Russian Revolution, which was made possible by his consumption of

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