Summary Of 'Jealousy In The Crucible'

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Jealousy leads to mayhem.
In the crucible lot of the character get jealous of someone leading to total mayhem. The interaction between Mrs. Putman and Rebecca Nurse is a prime example of this jealousy.
Mrs. Putnam had had eight children but she lost seven of them. When Rebecca Nurse tells her she is blessed with “eleven children” (page 27 in regular book) Mrs. Putman believes she is under the spell of witchcraft as she only has kept one and Rebecca has eleven. This causes
Mrs. Putnam to become jealous of Rebecca nurse and thinks Rebecca is at fault for the death of her babies.
Because of this jealousy Mrs. Putman accuses Rebecca of the death of her babies. She believed it was witchcraft was the reason because rumors of it was going around.
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