Summary Of Jesus And Nonviolence, By Saul Alinsky

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Chapter three in Jesus and Nonviolence compares and contrasts Saul Alinsky’s principles to the nonviolent teachings of Jesus. I thought his first point, that power is not only what you have but also what your enemy thinks you have, to be an interesting point. I was wondering if this point, however, is suggesting you deceive the enemy? I do not think that being deceptive is the right answer. Alinsky also teaches to never adopt a strategy that you would not want your opponents to use against you (Pg. 46). This is a good philosophy that helps maintain justice. I also like how Jesus teaches us to give the oppressor an unusual, creative reaction and forces him or her to believe in your power and recognize your humanity (Pg. 40). This goes outside…show more content…
It should also be noted that nearly two-thirds of all governments that assume power by means of coups d’état are ousted by the same means (Pg. 54). Our text also encourages us to notice not only which method, violent versus nonviolent, works better, but also which fails better. Non-violent action may not result in drastic results as quickly as violent action, but it also causes much less destruction and casualties. Nonviolent action is not passive; it requires training, discipline, organizing, and hard work (Pg. 55). Protestors must be prepared to deal with police action, develop creative strategies, diffuse potential violent eruptions, and organize to create affinity groups. In the name of justice and dignity, Gandhi believed violence was preferable to submission when nonviolence cannot be pursued (Pg. 51). However, he also believed that a third way could always be found. I can understand why, in some extreme cases, people are inclined to quickly react with violence. Going back to the example of Hitler and the Third Reich, would non-violent action have worked to defeat his mass destruction? I am not sure. However, I still struggle to understand why non-violent action is not more popular. I would much rather be involved with non-violent action rather than with violence. I can only hope the church continues to be the voice of nonviolence and encourages our youth to partake in alternate means for change, unlike some previous generations. Jesus offers love and justice so that we may be healed and
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