Summary Of John Crowley's 'Boy A'

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In 2007 the director John Crowley released his film "Boy A". The movie is heavily inspired by the notorious Bulger case where 10 year James Bulger was mercilessly murdered by the two boys that were referred to as 'Child A' (Thompson) and 'Child B' (Venables). The movie distinguish itself from the case by having minor changes such as different names for the murderers, and instead of telling us about the case from the beginning to the end, it takes us into the mysterious and unknown journey of what could have happened with the children once they were released; how they moved on with their lives. In the movie we follow Jack whom is also known as Boy A, hence the title "Boy A".
In the opening scene, Jack is just released from prison after having
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Life in prison differs from the one you live outside of it since you are limited to certain things in life. Jack never experienced the love he got from his girlfriend Michelle or his parents in prison, nor was he ever exposed to the kind of friendship he had with Chris before or in prison. He came from a broken home with a mother that had cancer and a callous father. He was bullied, but saved by the devil in disguise. Phillip was the one to fend off the bullies, but he was sadistic and had a horrible influence on Jack. We do not know if Phillip, Jack or both of them killed the girl film, but we do know the decaying effect it had on the two boys' mental strenght. You could say that Phillip was Jack's saviour, but in the end also the cause of his and Phillip's own demise. We know Phillip committed suicide…show more content…
Jack is also heavily influenced by his past when he comes out of prison. He is constanly trying to convince himself that he is a changed man - different from what he once was and he is now. He is a line dancer between his identeties, but constantly reminded by his sorrounding that he is now a good
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