The Flea Poem Interpretation

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Poetry has always been used as a literary art form to express one’s intense emotions or feelings, but do all poems have a true interpretation of what is being expressed? Many people do not have a keen eye when it comes to reading poetry and have a difficult time interpreting what the author is trying to express. Due to this misunderstanding, the audience lacks interest reading in this type of literary work. Through my journey with poems, I try to see the eye of the author and feel one’s emotions by rereading this type of literature. In this journey, I discover new meanings and different interpretations by just reading one poem that can change one’s perspective multiple times. In John Donne’s “The Flea” can be taken in my different meanings to many people, but no one can figure out what the exact story the author is trying to illustrate. Before reading this poem, I tried to interpret the title…show more content…
When I finished reading the poem, I realized that my interpretation from the first reading had drastically changed from this reading. The new terms and analyzing certain lines in the has made me realize the theme. My first interpretation of the theme was that the poem was about love and how the Doone was hurt by his beloved, but now analyzing the poem the reasons stick out like a sore thumb. A flea is an insect that sucks bloods and can carries diseases. The author uses a flea as a metaphor to represent how his beloved betrayed him. The author states, “this flea our two bloods mingled be” and uses the word “maidenhead” to signify the possible connection of a baby. In the poem, the author’s beloved betrayed him about the baby which is why he may have said “[w]ill waste, as this flee’s death took the life of thee.” By the use of vocabulary and the use of metaphor, such as “the flea”, all contribute to the vision that Doone had behind this
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