Summary Of John Green's Wuthering Heights And Paper Towns

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Thesis Statement: Emily Bronte “Wuthering Heights” centers around the story of an orphan boy, who express his frustrate love for Catherine; whereas “Paper Towns” written by John Green highlights the character of a young boy who fell in love with the girl next door.

In Emily Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights and Paper Towns by John Green addressed the common subject of love, both romantic and familial. Emily Bronte largely illustrates the power of destructive love using the character of Heathcliff as the story mostly centers around him and draws on the vengeful and malignant motives he has of not only to take revenge on those who wronged him but also their heirs to obtain the satisfaction of vengeance. The novel Wuthering Heights was written during the Victorian Era, but the story was set during the Romantic period. There were few elements of Romanticism, one of them surely nature, which sometimes shows it’s wild side, and offers itself as a refuge from the limitations of the whole civilization. In Paper Towns, friendship are the central relationships of between Margo and Quentin, and are often more intimate than either family relationships or romantic ones. John Green uses a series of encounters to reveal the complex state of the human mind, made up of a reason, emotions and attitude of our self, to allow us as a reader to make a judgement of form an opinion about the novel. Wuthering Heights portrays the effects of love taken to the extreme. The relationship between

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