Summary Of John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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“Of Mice and men” is a novella written by author John Steinbeck. The novella is set on the west of california in a small town called soledad, in the time where the novella was set there was a drought in america and ranch workers went to the west coast for jobs and money. “Of Mice and men is set in a small American town called Soledad meaning “loneliness” in spanish. Soledad was not just chosen because of it meaning loneliness in spanish but because of its location on the west coast of California where the soil is fertile unlike the rest of America at that time which means that it is perfect for ranches and ranch workers. Firstly Steinbeck writes ‘on one side of the river golden foothill slopes curve up to the strong Gabilan mountains.’ The use of “strong” and “mountains” suggest that the mountains are tough and there's no getting past them. Steinbeck uses this because it refers to the fact that you are stuck and have to go back the way you came which translates to the fact that if you are trying to get out of the “lonely” lifestyle you will have to go another…show more content…
Crooks got his name because he was kicked in the back by a horse. Crooks is the stable hand who lives on his own in a shed just outside the barn just because he is a “nigger”. Steinbeck uses crooks as a way of discriminating people because of a race, religion, age or disability which Crooks is disabled and a “nigger”. Crooks is referred to as the “nigger” quite a lot on the ranch because he is the only black person living and working on the ranch. Crooks is physically separated from the rest of the workers on the ranch and has to live in a shed on the side of the barn. The racial discrimination is harsh and is part of the microcosm Steinbeck uses to describe in his story. Crooks reads lots of books because he has no companions. Crooks has the same problem as candy because of his disability and race he has no hope of moving on and getting a better
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