Summary Of John Wade

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This chapter brings focus to John Wade’s developing interest in politics and Kathy’s increasing distaste towards it. John tries to trick himself into forgetting the horrors of the war and the sins made while Kathy is cynical about his decision of extending his stay. John returned home a year later in 1969 and married Kathy five months following his arrival. In 1973, John began law school and later worked as an assistant legislative counsel with Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party for more than three years before he announced his candidacy in early spring of 1976. Later in the chapter, is a short conversation between Tony Carbo, John, and Kathy where they discuss about John’s deep desire to win the elections. They also talked about the tricks that have been used noticeably by many, themselves…show more content…
Manipulation was his trick to success. Due to his dedication towards his aspiration, his relationship with Kathy started to suffer. Money also became an issue resulting in Kathy taking a full time job. Later in the chapter, Kathy compares John to a door indirectly hinting him to open up to her which john brushes off. Tony later reveals his knowledge on John having “…some deep dark shit…” (O Brien 154) up his nose that is bound to be found sooner or later and warns him to be careful. When Kathy announces she was pregnant, John convinced her to abort the child reasoning that they were “…near the top of the mountain” (O Brien 155) and the child might hinder them from reaching the peak. On January 18, 1986, John announced his candidacy for the U.S. senate and later, John, Kathy, and Tony talk about politics. They come to a conclusion that politics was a continuous cycle of “Win and win again” (O Brien 160). At the end of the chapter Kathy’s dislike towards politics evidently grew while John started to work extremely hard to achieve his
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