Summary Of Jon Hassler's Grand Opening Hank Foster

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In Jon Hassler’s Grand Opening Hank Foster responds to many situations that develop him as well as the other characters. Hank was reasonable, loyal, practical, a risk taker, fair, just, but sometimes wisely passive and overall was a rare man of his era.
Hank Foster was reasonable and practical but was also a risky character and took some huge risks. Hank had been a risk taker his whole life and it defined him: “Hank, the eldest son in a family of nine, was accustomed to taking chances” (6). He took a risk by picking up his family and moving to Plum to start a new store and business that was run down and struggling even when no one had faith in him. Hank’s risks don’t seem logical yet almost all of them turn out to be very practical and great
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After risking it all and creating a successful business Hank was not satisfied and took the next step and remodeled the new store with a revolutionary idea that had a lot of doubters: “He says it’s an idea that'll never catch on” (191). Hank’s plan at remodeling was a good risk that reaped a big reward. Another huge risk made by Hank and his family was taking Dodger, a criminal who had lost his way and had no role models. This put their business and public image into question, but Hank knew what was right. Although chancy Hank was reasonable and instead of going with the feud between the religions he hired a lutheran which happened to be great for business and showed how Hank didn't get caught in the foolishness and was rational. This theme displayed by Hank can demonstrate how it is good to have a balance of taking risks, but also being levelheaded. Hank showed that it is beneficial to be
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