Summary Of Joyce Tyldesley's Daughters Of Isis

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The style of living in the dynastic period may seem thoroughly impossible to imagine or relate to, yet surprisingly society in the Ancient World may not have been as abstract as believed. The book Daughters of Isis by Joyce Tyldesley paints a vivid image of the characteristics of life for women in Ancient Egypt; the book delves into the various roles women played in Ancient Egyption society to show how Ancient Egyption women were an anomaly in the Ancient World. The book covers in depth all aspects of life for women in Ancient Egypt: marriage, domestic work, beauty, and religion. I believe that Tyldesley’s book is a masterful compilation, equitably balanced between all the trivial and significant details that fashioned the lives of women in Ancient Egypt. Upon my first attempt of reading the book, I was immediately overwhelmed with the plethora of names of Egyptian Kings and jargon that filled the pages of the book, and at once knew that Tyldesley wrote the book in a didactic manner. If one wanted a book to read for…show more content…
The vast amount of images in the book were also very helpful in capturing my interest and giving insight into Egyption art conventions, as well as the image of a standard Egyption woman. A final element of the book which I valued was how the author went into scrupulous detail of seemingly insignificant attributes such as “bread making” to aid the audience in grasping a vivid picture of how life was for women. Also this helped me to relate with the women of Ancient Egypt, as women nowadays also put much time into grooming, fashion, and supporting the household which qualifies how attentive detail may be required at times to ensure the comprehension of a
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