Summary Of Junot Diaz's Wao

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Junot Diaz
Many of us would have heard about the history of Trujillo but not the way Junot Diaz tells it in his work Wao. Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and emigrated to the US just being a child and grew up in New Jersey to be more specific. Since then it was a challenge for him to face a new language. His struggle with English made him cling in reading, and he later became a writer. Junot graduated from Rutgers University.The author of some works such as, “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, how to lose her,” and others characterized by a unique language. Diaz’ stories incorporate irony while describing potentially
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In this story tells Oscar attributes his misfortunes and bad luck both him and his family to the so-called FUKU that was a kind of generational curse. He attributes this curse to the first colonizers to bring this evil until arriving at the Kennedys. In the history, it deals with its disagreements in love, where we see that the woman that the loved one was a prostitute that marries with a high official of the government of Trujillo one of the most tyrannous governments to say most of the Dominican Republic. Despite that in the United States, Yoly had loved him, but he preferred to go in search of his love without knowing that he would find death in That attempt. It was not the only fact that he had bad things happen to his family was not doing well, and all this was because of the popular fuku.
On another is what is known as Zafa who was the counterpart to counter the so-called fuku. I think that is why it is that people say Zafa when things are not going well. As an example of what is explained is the last expression of Oscar Wao who says "La belleza, la belleza"; despite being living that moment so terrible of his life seeing facts like that as inevitable, like who says seeing the positive side to the
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