Summary Of Just Walk On By: Black Men In Public Space

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Everyone wants to end up successful, right? Success is the only way to achieve great things with your time on this planet full of opportunities. One must have an education, and acceptable personality and make the correct decisions to create those opportunities. Fear governs critical choices in everyday life. Mistrust and fear of authority causes citizens to possess a disinclination to call the police for help. Nikole Hannah-Jones, in the article "A Letter from Black America" says that police are choosing to defend themselves instead of the black community. Hannah-Jones ' statement "By calling the police, you are inviting this big system – that, frankly, doesn 't like you – into your life," is rational because of detrimental previous…show more content…
People sometimes make snap judgements based on potential danger coming from stereotypes and profiling. Brent Staples, in the article “Just Walk on by: Black Men in Public Space” expresses that women often perceive untrue ideas about black men 's appearance. Staples is logical because the woman made an assessment based on profiling since “To her; the youngish black man...seemed menacingly close. After a few more quick glimpses, she picked up her pace and was soon running in earnest. Within seconds she disappeared into a cross street.” Because Staples is black, the woman thought he was threatening and chose to avoid him. Michael Wines and Frances Robles, in the article “Key Factor in Police Shootings: ‘Reasonable Fear’” gives reasoning that police sometimes will use deadly force when put under life or death situations. Wines and Robles statement referring to an officer that shot an unarmed black man, “If an officer believes he or someone else is in imminent danger of grievous injury or death, he is allowed to shoot first and ask questions later,” is morally challenging because it is not right that a police officer should be able to use guns on a potentially unarmed and non-dangerous person because of the stereotype that black men are a lit stick of dynamite waiting to go off. Despite untrue thoughts about individuals, people still make fearful judgments based on profiling and
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