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In the culture reading “Wisdom Sits in Place” Keith Basso discusses his experience while visiting the Apache Cibecue Community in Arizona. Basso’s reason to visiting the Cibecue community was to record locations around Cibecue that held an Apache name. Throughout his journey of recording, he is told stories of locations and it history from an Cibecue resident, Charles Henry. Although Basso was at the Cibecue community to create a map of locations, he was taught aspects of language used by the apaches. One main language future that was talked about throughout the reading was the “place-name” tradition their ancestors used when they first arrived to the land a began naming certain locations based on what they looked like or offered. The Apache through the use of langue of naming places in such a way allowed many other generations…show more content…
It would have been absolutely fascinating if the reading went into depth about the way the ancestors decided the technique of place name and weather or not they used the same techniques for common objects. Another weakness in the reading was how little was spent in language and its significance within the culture. Whether or not their ancestors created new words as they settled into the new land and if they had certain rules to it like they did when naming their resources. It was mentioned that by specking the Apache language one was like “quoting-the speech of their early ancestors” and with such a point, it would have been interesting on how the current Apaches carry on the legacy of their ancestors whether it is through language, way of living, or

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