Summary Of Kewauna's Ambition

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Kewauna’s Ambition Kewauna used perseverance, passion, and courage to succeed in college. Firstly, Kewauna used perseverance to graduate from college. For example, Paul Tough: author of How Children Succeed shares that Kewauna stayed after class to get extra help from her professor. As you can see, Kewauna persevered by getting the help she needed. Kewauna used passion to succeed in college. For instance, Tough states that Kewauna went without sleep for three night’s straight to prepare for finals. Therefore, her passion enabled her to be ready for finals. Thirdly, Kewauna used courage. To illustrate, Tough tells that Kewauna made the step to make friends to get help if the professor was not there. Hence, Kewauna got the help she needed by
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