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Name: Date: Document Analysis Worksheet 1. Title of the document: Answer: Mexican Americans Form La Raza Unida, 1968. 2. Date(s) the document was originally produced: Answer: This document was originally produced around 1968. 3. Author of this document: Answer: The author of this document is Jorge Lara Braud. 4. Type of document: Answer: It is a type of informative paper which is providing basic information about La Raza Unida which was movement by Mexican-Americans. 5. Is this a primary source or a secondary source? Answer: It is a type of primary source. 6. Who is the audience or intended recipient of the document? Be specific. Answer: The audience of this document is Mexican-Americans, American public of all other States of America…show more content…
1. First important point is that author is describing the Mexican-American movement (La Raza Unida). He is also discussing the purpose of development of this movement. According to author; La Raza Unida is a conglomeration of gatherings is the southwest United States. Author is clearly supporting this movement in positive way and creating a positive image of this movement is also the author’s objective. 2. Another important point is that author is describing the factors and misbehaviors which the Mexican-Americans faces and these factors lead towards development of this movement. Author is saying that it is not a sudden awakening movement. With a passage of time, many factors like the Mexican-American is on by and large the rational level monetarily, yet significantly underneath instructively. Concerning the incapacitated lodging and unemployment, the Mexican-American is not all that vastly improved off than the Negro. Its first signs start in the period taking after the Second World War. Mexican-Americans rose up out of that contention with another determination to make the most of their penance. No ethnic gathering has gotten a bigger extent of designs, and few had maintained as substantial an offer of causalities. There veterans tested all through court the explicit legacy of discrimination as yet winning in the Southwest, frequently showed by the glaring signs or the severe words no Mexicans permitted. At that point comes to the radiation drop out of the Negro social liberties battle which made it even the most baffled Mexican-American start to dream substantial dreams once
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