Summary Of Lad Tobin's 'Young Hunger'

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I feel that my experience was in many ways similar to M.F.K Fisher’s in her essay, “Young Hunger”. By dissecting Fishers essay, and comparing it to my own, I’ve come to realize the many similarities that our tales share. Fisher and I were both craving a meal on the way to visit old people that we shared little connection to, could not settle our hunger with the rabbit food that was given to us, and felt appeased by the simple thought of food. “I felt an almost unbearable hunger for them - not for one, but for three or four or five at a time, so that I should have enough, for once, in my yawning stomach” (Fisher 3). Both Fisher and I were young teens, craving a larger portion of food than what had been offered to us, and had to deal with the middle-of-the-road snacks we had. While Fisher’s savior was tiny biscuits or chocolate bars, mine was pretzels with a cup of Ginger Ale.
In, “Here Everything’s Possible”, Lad Tobin explores his own relationship to food by reflecting on his mother’s food-related habits and behaviors. While Tobin may consider himself a simple foodie, Tobin’s mother’s life revolved around food. A person with the same obsession that Tobin’s mother had would understand her audacious need for a good meal, even at the cost of her life. Although Tobin grew up with a love for food
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Before Hostess was shut down, America lived off of process foods with mysterious ingredients; the very definition of Hostess snacks. By mentioning that Ring Dings were corpulent and similar to America, he was merely pointing out the bad dietary values America once had. “I skipped past unimportant details - the 310 calories, the 13 grams of fat. The 37 grams of sugar - and found validation in the 2 grams of dietary fiber “ (Barry 2). It was no question how unhealthy America’s snacks were, so bad to the point of becoming the people’s guilty
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