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The short story consist of flashback which results in three time periods in Lambert Stamp’s life, his adult life and two periods in his youth.
In the present time period Lambert Stamp is going to university and has been living with his girlfriend Liz for five years. But a relationship issue is concerning the almost perfect couple.
In his youth he attended school where a presentation was held by an old blind lady named Mrs. Heller who talked about her horrible experience as a prisoner at the concentration camp Auschwitz. As the presentation was unfolding, Lambert started to laugh without reason. Therefore Lambert was almost expelled permanently, but because of his dad was suspended for a week even though his dad tried to reduce the punishment. Afterwards Lambert visited Mrs. Heller, who lived on the twenty-fourth floor, to apologize to her. The apology was accepted and thereafter Mrs. Heller tried to explain where the next holocaust could take place, but she was interrupted by the cleaning lady.
A year before Mrs. Heller’s presentation a horrible incident happened to Lamber’s mother. His mother witnessed a fire at a tube station which had killed multiple people. The incident gave his mother some kind of post-traumatic stress which caused her death nine months later.
It is unclear which specific time period Lambert Stamp lives in, but objects such as television, buses, subway etc. indicates that the story takes place in modern time. In addition to that,

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