Summary Of Le Femme Negiling

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Le Femme Negrita: The Black Concrete Ceiling What is power? Power as a noun is the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events (Power). Likewise, power as a noun is also a person or organization that is strong or influential within a particular context (Power). Black women have always been a huge force of nature and very powerful entity, even throughout the times of slavery. Looking back into history, black women had power they didn’t even know existed and was not in tune with themselves as people to understand just how powerful they were. For instance, black slave women had the power to disrupt marriages and raise the master’s kids. These women could have abused their power by mistreating the babies and filling the men heads with all types of lies. Instead, they chose to be gracious, loving and care when it came to their children and passive when it came to men that attempted to assert their power over them. Black women have helped to shape the culture of America in many ways, but their power has also been denied and refused by many, even those that try to emulate their powerful character. As of late, we have been seeing a big shift in economic growth and influence, moving from white men to that of black women, which is a true testament to the power held within this group of people. “A new Nielsen report is confirming just how much financial power black women have when it comes to setting trends in mainstream
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