Summary Of Lee Maracle's Yin Chin

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The act of racism has been present in every society throughout history. Discrimination of other groups based on their different descent and ethnicity. These forms of hatred and negativity are based off old fashion values and traditions. People of different cultures believe there’s is superior, this belief in superiority may take the form of ethnocentrism or prejudice. In early Vancouver, the Chinese and First Nations experienced this disparagement first hand. These old fashion traditions and values are visible throughout the short story “Yin Chin,” written by Lee Maracle. This story follows the oppression of the Chinese and First Nations communities in early Vancouver and the internal and external conflicts they faced due to racism.
From the very beginning of the story, we get a sample of what went on through the heads of individuals of different ethnicities and the old fashion values they possess. At the beginning of the story “Yin Chin,” the narrator walks into a restaurant filled with Chinese and explains “It is my reflexive action on my part to assume that any company that isn’t Indian company is generally unacceptable,” showcasing the reflexive thought process that went through people’s minds if they weren’t the same skin pigment (156). They found the restaurant full and that there were no places to sit because “there aren’t any Indians in the room” (156). From the beginning of the story, we see the internal conflict that the narrator is faced with. They believe just
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