Summary Of Leonardo Sciascia's 'To Each His Own'

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Leonardo Sciascia in To Each His Own pairs the reader up with Professor Laurana, a teacher that is oblivious to what has actually happened in his own town. The audience can work with Laurana because his ignorance puts him on par with the audience’s knowledge of the town, which is none. The book starts with Laurana finding a clue that he believes the police have over looked, which starts off his investigation into the murder. In Chapter three Laurana states that “There was not one person in town who had not already, privately and to his own stratification, solved or almost solved the mystery… Professor Laurana had his key; it was the Unicuique… [Laurana] did not know whether the marshal had attached any importance to the [back of the letter]…show more content…
Benito hints that Rosello makes a lot of money, but has some property that sit as just holes in the ground. Rosello is a major politician and is in amazing position in his own party. He has made powerful connections and is also seen standing in public with a well know killer that has a reputation of being untouchable. Laurana asks Rosello about the man with him and Judge Abello and Rosello reaction is a hint to Laurana pending doom. After Laurana ask Rosello about the man Sciascia writes, “Abruptly [Rosello] stiffened, and his eyes grew hard and cold. ‘Why do you ask?’… [Rosello] went off, a bit flushed in the face and without shaking hands.” Sciascia (96-97). This is the first clue for audience and Laurana that he might be heading to the afterlife. The lawyer is noted to avoid Laurana every chance he gets. For the audience this is dramatic irony as the audience know that Rosello is going to kill Laurana, but Laurana thinks he has stayed out of sight enough and will be fine. Laurana talks with Widow Roscio that may or may not be working with Rosello, and sets up a date. This was a date with fate as he leaves the date after being stood up only to be picked up and taken to his
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