Summary Of Leopold Bloom And Stephen Dedalus

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Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus are evidently the two leading characters of Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’ , both with underlying family issues and struggles with everyday life. Because of these concerns, both characters become subject to a father son connection. This essay will aim to pick out the aspects in ‘Oxen of the son’ that correlate with the subject of paternity along with delving into some background information about the pair in order to back up the statements that will be made. By doing this, the at-onement of Bloom and Stephen in the given episode will become clear cut and their relationship will be seen largely as paternal. ‘Oxen of the Sun’ is indeed the first time Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom are placed in the same location. This chapter is the one in which we are given evidence of the links between Bloom and Stephen. As Joseph Valente states, ‘Their Bereavements share a like gender profile (both mourn the loss of a significant female other), a like familial complication (both sustain incestuous attachments to their lost object), an analogous generational profile (Bloom pines for the loss of his daughter, Stephen the death of his mother) . This statement forgets to mention that not only is Bloom mourning Milly he is also mourning his son Rudy. With the recognition of both a missing mother and two missing children we are presented with the capability for Bloom to have paternal feelings towards Stephen in order to fill the gaps in the two characters family

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