Summary Of Lincoln's Speech After The Civil War

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War finally came to a stop on April 10th, 1865. Lee’s confederate army surrendered. The people of Washington, D.C, were glad of the news. Many people wanted Lincoln to give a speech, but he denied the offer. The crowd was anxious to listen to Lincoln, but he was not up for speaking. He tells the crowd that he will speak the following day. Little does he know, that this speech is the last speech he will ever deliver. Chapter sixteen is about citizen’s happiness after the Civil War is over. Whiskey is chugged, the church bell rings, pistols are shot into the air, fire works go off, bands play, and people are enthusiastic of the great news. The people are extremely ecstatic and want to hear from Lincoln. They want him to give a speech. Surprisingly,…show more content…
Leale can’t find any sign of injury…there’s no visible entry wound or exit wound. If Dr.Leale didn’t know better, he would swear that Lincoln simply dozed off and will awaken any minute” (O 'Reilly 218). As the doctor examines more, he thinks Lincoln was stabbed. Then, he rubs his head and his whole hand is drenched in blood. He comes up with a plan to try to save Lincoln. Two more doctors come to assist Dr. Leale. As their actions to save Lincoln seem to progress, Dr. Leale states that “His wound is mortal, it is impossible for him to recover” (page 220). This part of the book tears a hole in reader’s heart, because it is so upsetting to read about something so painful. This is a chapter that explains how Lincoln was after he was shot. It is very interesting to read about, because all of the medical help Lincoln was provided. What’s shocking is, this chapter is very gory and a little gross to read about. Readers will feel so much sympathy for Lincoln’s family as they read this chapter. Dr. Leale announces that he cannot save Lincoln, and the crowd goes insane. It is crazy that just an hour before this mayhem, President Lincoln was full of life and now, everything was different. This chapter makes readers put into account how important every breath alive
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