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Authoritative feminist poet Carol Ann Duffy consolidates the traditional folklore (Little Red Riding Hood) with the poem, using strong phrases that indicate “Female Empowerment”. Most conspicuously ‘Little Red-Cap’ emphases on the issues of female authority, whilst contrasting it with female exploitation. Little Red Cap is an entirely different poem compared to the original folklore, essentially due to the “power”, which is now passed on to the female character. In the first stanza, the reader is introduced to numerous consonances: “playing and petered, fields and factories, mistresses and married men ”; this signifies tradition as it creates a very contemporary effect. However looking back at the emphasis on “woman empowerment”, its adequate to say the phrase “married men” is dominant in the stanza, as we’re looking at things from a feminist perspective, raising awareness of “female authority”. The subsequent phrase “it was there that…clapped eyes on the wolf", denotes the role of female dominance since she was isolated, in search for the wolf. The folklore however implies the wolf that was, in search for the girl, thus exhibiting “woman authorization”. The second stanza begins by the expression “He stood in a clearing reading his verse out loud…wolfy drawl…red wine staining his bearded jaw”. This symbolizes the wolf in a repugnant manner; “red wine” can be perceived as blood almost linking back to the “folklore”. Thus, conveying “authority towards feminism”, because

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