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Lockie Leonard: Human Torpedo, written by Tim Winton, portrays the turbulent journey of a young boy named Lockie who experiences many important changes during the course of this story. As he turns 13, we see Lockie’s hormones kick in as he begins having wet dreams and growing zits. Lockie is forced to adjust to his new town and as he begins a relationship with his Vicki Streeton his thoughts about his family change too. Lockie’s emotions go for a ride as Lockie continues his relationship with Vicki. Throughout the story, these changes help Lockie discovers more about himself and the principles that he upholds.

One of the most obvious changes that Lockie underwent was puberty. Turning 13 and becoming a teenager was a big change for Lockie.
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Lockie is attracted by Vicki and eventually falls in love with her. In his relationship with Vicki, Lockie felt inferior because Vicki was smarter and he felt ‘useless’ (p.53) but as their relationship developed, Lockie began to feel more equal and he began to have more self-esteem. As Lockie gained more self-esteem he began to seem different to his family and he became less empathetic towards his brother. In one occurrence, Phillip tried to talk to Lockie about his bedwetting but Lockie snapped back viciously and told him ‘[i]t’s not my problem!’ (p.72). His emotions towards Vicki change as well as he discovers that she was not quite the girl that he imagined her to be. He felt tricked and betrayed and even more so when he discovers that Vicki had dumped him and gone out with some bogans. As Lockie’s relationship with Vicki developed and changed over time, Lockie experienced many significant emotional changes.

Throughout the course of the novel Lockie Leonard: Human Torpedo Lockie Leonard changes dramatically in many ways. These changes include physical, cognitive and emotional changes. These changes complement Tim Winton’s fantastically crafted novel. Lockie experienced what it was like to be a teenager as he turned 13 and also experienced puberty. His thoughts and opinions change as he experiences more and learns more about life. Lockie’s emotional changes witness Lockie journey from extremely

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