Summary Of Lois Duncan's 'Ransom'

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Someone once said, “Actions prove who someone is, words just prove who they want to be.”. This quote can be proven throughout Ransom, by Lois Duncan. The main characters performed actions (like what they say and do) that showed their personality. The actions taken by Glenn Kirtland, Bruce Kirtland, and Jesse French defined each of them. Throughout the story, Glenn Kirtland made defining actions that conveyed his personality. Firstly, Glenn’s actions proved that he wants to look brave. In the text, it states, “ ‘If you let us go now, we’ll know you’ll only be kidding, that this was a…a… kind of initiation for a club or something. We’ll just go home and not say anything to anybody and forget all about it.’. He turned then and smiled, the easy, confident smile which had always won him any…show more content…
... he must be gazing directly into the gun barrel, was filled with admiration.”. This shows that Glenn wanted to look brave because he looked straight at danger even though he knew he would look good. Secondly, Glenn’s actions show that he is a liar and could rely on his lies. As the novel explains, “The car is fixed up by now. They can’t compare marks or anything. I told the guy at the garage that I scraped it on a fence post. He believed me. Other people will believe me, too. … People believe me. You know that. You’ll just look like the jealous kid brother, trying to get into the limelight.”. This shows that Glenn is a liar because he lied about a serious matter, a hit-and-run with his neighbor’s brother. Lastly, Glenn’s actions displayed himself as a person who always wants to be the hero. The text declares, “It was Glenn, of course,
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