Summary Of Lone Survivor

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Lone Survivor is a book written by Marcus Luttrell. It entails his story about being a Navy Seal. He tells the story of the botched raid he and his fellow Navy Seals had been sent out on. His fellow squad members, consisting of Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy, Petty Officer Shane Patton, Senior Chief Daniel Richard Healy and Matthew Gene Axelson, are sent out on a secret mission known as Operation Redwing. For this mission, they are sent out into the Hindu Kush mountains, searching for a potentially dangerous taliban leader known as Ben Sharmak. Sharmak is a well known Taliban leader, known for killing many Americans and leading a sizeable army of troops. Due to a goatherd, their mission is compromised and they end up facing an impossible match up against an army. The…show more content…
Luttrell and his squad of fellow SEALs are moved out of their station in Bahrain and to the outskirts of a city called Manama. They can tell that Americans are not wanted there, for there are signs all over the streets. He knows that the world he is in now is completely different from what he is used to, and that it is full of fanatics of the Al Qaeda and the Taliban. While deployed in Iraq, Luttrell learned a lot about what he was doing. He learned how to better move and combat the terrorists. Luttrell and his team then fly out to Baluchistan, one of the most dangerous parts of the world for Americans. Once they land and the team is on base, Luttrell begins to think a lot about home and what happened to lead him up to being a SEAL. He talks about his training and what has all prepared him for being a SEAL and going into combat against America’s enemies. He goes into detail about the rigorous training he and hundreds are forced to go through, and how the majority of recruits aren’t tough enough and drop out. He describes the three phases of BUD/S and how after the Hell week of phase one, only 30 recruits are left. He graduates training and officially becomes a
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