Loneliness In Brando Skyhorse Novel 'The Madonnas Of Echo Park'

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As Mother Teresa once said “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty” the feeling of loneliness can be terrible for everyone making them feel like they have lost everything they had. People can start feeling the sensation of loneliness because of their own families or the surrounding around them. Family can play the most important role to feeling alone and feeling unwanted by them causing you to make decisions that do not have a back button on them. Everyone is different and they all face loneliness in their own way. In Brando Skyhorse Novel, The Madonnas of Echo Park, Beatriz is the mother of Felicia and the grandmother of Aurora. When Beatriz was younger she had to live in her uncle 's house with her mother and sisters. While living in her uncles home her sisters were getting molested and when her uncles tried to molest Beatriz she decide to take matters…show more content…
In the book beatriz would wear multiple sweaters because she was always cold “ I grabbed the first overcoat I could find. When that proved insufficient to keep the chill off, I threw on another. Then another two and in my slippers, pajamas and for housecoats”.(Skyhorse 67) Beatriz would put on the coats because she felt alone and empty. She felt warmth when she had finally found her daughter but the warmth did not last her. When she had found her daughter she had felt less alone but she never tried to talk to her which caused her to feel loneliness once again “ A day later, those coats were worthless;they no longer kept me warm. I purchased several more at the May Company downtown on Hill Street. Those coats lasted an hour or two before they no longer kept the chill away”(Skyhorse 69). Later on in the book Beatriz had met Aurora for the first time and had asked her for her sweater and even though she still felt cold she knew it was a step she was talking to getting close to her
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