Summary Of Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Lorraine Hansberry, author of the play A Raisin In The Sun, was the first ever African American woman to ever have a play published and later have it performed on Broadway. Hansberry was born on May 30th 1930 in Chicago Illinois into a middle class family where she lived with her grandmother who was a freed slave, her father, mother and the 3 of her siblings. Her father was a very successful real estate broker and her mother was a teacher. Once Lorraine was 8 years old, her family moved into a white neighbourhood. Her family did not move due to the racism in the neighbourhood, and therefore took his situation to court. The court ordered him to evacuate the home, but then challenged the United States Supreme Court and succeeded. But after the…show more content…
This title is derived from a line in the Langston Hughes poem, Harlem. This poem analyzes what happens to someone 's dream, especially what happens to them when they are not accomplished. This reflects on the family’s hopes to overcome hard times and hopefully live a better life. Another example of symbolism is the time where we are introduced to Mama’s plant. The plant represents her family and desire to grow and Mama is often found tending to the plant as she does for her family. Mama knows that the little plant can survive through harsh conditions and it also represents hope. Mama also takes the plant to live with her family into the new house, meaning a new beginning and that it will continue to survive and thrive just like the…show more content…
At times, the tone is sarcastic and it is critical due to the characters ' dialogue. Beneatha and Walter are constantly bickering because Walter believes Beneatha 's life long dream of being a doctor is not even nearly possible. He often crushes her dream by telling her to become a nurse, which is more likely to be possible. Otherwise, Beneatha criticizes Walter 's because he wants to start off his business career by opening up a liquor store. The tone is sarcastic and realistic during most of the play especially when family members bicker. Sometimes the tone is saddening and solemn. The Younger family overcomes such a hard obstacles in life just to be where

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