Summary Of Louis L Amour's Hondo

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Title and Author: Hondo by Louis L’amour Setting: The main setting is in the arid country in Arizona. The book explains how it is really dry with not a lot of vegetation. There are spots with water, trees, thick grass, or all of them, but usually it is dry with a bush or cactus here or there. The book never explains when it is but using context clues I would say around the 1980s. Main Characters: My main characters are Hondo Lane and Angie Lowe because the story is mostly about them. They both have many similarities and a few differences. Some of the important but not main characters are Johnny (Angie's son), Sam (Hondo's dog), and the men in Company C. Character Analysis: Hondo and Angie have many things in common, but a few differences.…show more content…
They both are good with the desert life style and at what they do. Hondo is very good with guns and horses, while Angie is good at cooking. Hondo is also good with the plants and animals in the desert. Their work was different and had no similarities and many differences. Hondo has had an array of jobs, but now he works for Company C. Angie doesn’t have a job, however she lives on a small ranch and does stuff with and around it. She also does stuff for her son, Johnny and things with her house. They were similar emotionally because, they both liked each other. They both had many struggles. She struggled with her husband Ed because once her dad died, he got bad. He had gambling issues and afterward the ranch started going downhill fast, then he left. After a few weeks with Ed gone this guy showed up at her ranch, named Hondo. Long story short, his horse got shot and he needed a new horse. He realized that the ranch wasn’t looking so good so he helped her a little bit, after that they started liking each other. So, she started thinking Ed may be dead, or if she should leave him for Hondo. After all of this she started contemplating if she should leave the ranch, because she might not be safe there. But, she was glad that the mean Vittero was blood brothers with Johnny, so he was safe from Vittero. Hondo struggled if Angie was fine on her own and if she was safe. Then he thought about if he should go back to help her
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