Short Story Of An Hour Summary

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1. Setting
The story is set in the late nineteenth century in the Mallard residence or in the Mallard family home.

2. Characters:
*Louise Mallard- Wife of Brently. Sister of Josephine. She’s the one who died because of joy when she saw Brently Mallard, her husband. She has this illness called heart disease.
*Brently Mallard- Husband of Louise Mallard. Friend of Richard. He’s the person they thought dead of the railroad disaster. He’s the cause why Louise Mallard died.
*Josephine- Sister of Louise Mallard. The one who comforted Louise Mallard when she was in trouble.
*Richards- Friend of Brently Mallard.

3. Plot
*Introduction- Louise Mallard was afflicted with a heart trouble so if she startled she could die.
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*Climax- Louise Mallard stayed in her room with no one except her, she begins to feel joyful, then she set herself free and start over since her husband is no longer alive.
*Falling Action- Louise Mallard came out from her room, newly resolved, and they went downstairs with her sister and suddenly, the door opens, Brently Mallard, he’s not dead.
*Resolution- Richards and Josephine protect Louise Mallard from the sight but they didn’t prevent her and she was shocked to see him, she was died of too much happiness.

4. Conflict
External conflict, the weak heart condition of Louise Mallard, the one who seems to be the most powerful. Internal conflict, in which is the uncovering of her true feelings and her self-revelation actually feels happy and free as a result of Brently’s death.

5. Point of View
Third Person Point of View (Omniscient)

6. Tone
The tone of the story is Dramatic Irony because he loses her husband just to realize that she never loved him then she gain a sense of freedom from her late husband. The tone, which begins with hints of sadness, ascends to a state of glee and the tone have descended back into the dreary depression with which it
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Upon knowingly that she has heart disease. I was affected in that specific part or aspect of the story because sometimes, we can’t accept that someone, someone’s important in our life is leaving. It was like, our world will going to be destructed and our hearts will be broken into tiny pieces. It is so heavy in our hearts that when someone that we used to talk everyday has gone and we can never bring back the life that have been taken. We miss everything about him/her. Because, he/she serves as our world. When we don’t have any conversation with the person we love, ‘twas like our day was incomplete, there is something that missing, and that is him/her. Until such time, we ended up on breaking. It is so hard to be apart of someone. The other one wanted to stay to fix all his/her mistakes and wanted to start again, while the other one wanted to be far away from what he/she thinks hurt him/her a lot and change his/her life. It is so hard to pick decisions, but we can only pick one decision, the decision that seems to be okay for us. It is for our sake. As long as our family, friends, and relatives are with us, we are blessed because they are with us to help and to comfort us. They are with us to build us, to be stronger. They’ll help us to change from being weak to strong. And when the time comes, the time that we’ll be facing again hard challenges, we
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