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“The cowards’ fear of death stems in large part from his incapacity to love anything but his own body. The inability to participate in others’ lives stands in the way of his developing any inner resources sufficient to overcome the terror of death”. This is not a quote from Junger, but a quote he uses from a man named J. Glenn Gary at the start of this book.

The next half of this book, or series, is known as Love. Split into six different chapters this part of the book explains Jungers final experiences in the Korengal Valley. Similar the first six chapters, in Love, there is no title to each of the chapters for they are just a plethora of stories throughout the bulk of the writing. The stories in this part of the book are deeper stories that entrain death, personal thoughts, and much harsher experiences than any other part of the book incorporated. As well as a few stories after arriving home from service.

The first chapter of the book Love Junger comes straight out with the quote of, “That spring Steiner got
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Junger talks of dreams known as “mefloquine dreams”. These dreams came from the malaria pill that all the men took every monday. These pills produced horrific dreams that often times caused the men to wake up in a cold sweat. Junger states, “....I’m sawing someone in half with a carpentry saw for no reason that I can explain; I’m choking with sorrow and remorse that ended twenty-five years ago…”. It did not only did it cause those nightmares; It also had side effects of depression, paranoia, aggression, and insomnia. Just to add those aspects on top of the fact that they are in one of the most hostile war zones in the middle east. It was at this point in time that I realized that anyone and everything in this region was against them. The living proof of hell; I find it hard to believe that Junger went back to this region upon his own
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