Summary Of Ls Strangers: Aspects Of Jean Valjean

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Pizarra, Junel A. MET-2102 LES MISERABLES A.INTRODUCTION The convict Jean Valjean is released from a French prison after serving nineteen years for stealing a loaf of bread and for subsequent attempts to escape from prison. When Valjean arrives at the town of Digne, no one is willing to give him shelter because he is an ex-convict. Desperate, Valjean knocks on the door of M. Myriel, the kindly bishop of Digne. Myriel treats Valjean with kindness, and Valjean repays the bishop by stealing his silverware. When the police arrest Valjean, Myriel covers for him, claiming that the silverware was a gift. The authorities release Valjean and Myriel makes him promise to become an honest man. Eager to fulfill his promise, Valjean masks his identity and enters the town of Montreuil-sur-mer. Under the assumed name of Madeleine, Valjean invents an ingenious manufacturing process that brings the town prosperity. He eventually becomes the town’s mayor. B.OBJECTIVES .In fleeing his parole, Valjean infuriates Inspector Javert, who vows never to rest until he has captured Valjean and administered “justice.” From this point on, Javert’s pursuit of Valjean dominates much of the story; however, numerous other story lines develop as well, the most important involving Valjean’s adoption of Cosette (Amanda Seyfried). Cosette’s mother, Fantine (Anne Hathaway), is thrown into abject poverty when a foreman at Valjean’s factory unjustly terminates her employment. Eventually Valjean learns of Fantine’s

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