Summary Of Luma's Life

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This chapter describes the beginning of Luma’s life in Decatur Georgia. Luma finds a job waiting on tables, and eventually start looking for a job as a soccer coach. She found a job coaching an all girls soccer team at Decatur-Dekalb YMCA. Luma’s practice routines were strict and many of her players ' ' and their mothers complained and or left. However the players who were insistent on staying had seen an elevation in the team’s performance. Luma then wanted to start her own business, she got aid from the some of her players mothers at the YMCA and a group of investor, and in 2003 Luma started Ashton’s. Sadly Ashton’s wasn’t as successful as Luma hoped. Luma started working more hours due to the lack of money. One day on one of Luma’s trips
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