Summary Of Lydia's Story By Jan Brideau

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Lydia’s story is a non-fiction article written by Jan Brideau. Jan Brideau was working with a medical team that came to help the people effected by hurricane Katrina. Lydia was one of the people in the shelter, and shared her story with Brideau. The article narrates the experience of the author while dealing with a victim of the Hurricane Katrina named Lydia. Lydia is a small, slender black woman in her sixties. (Brideau, Lydia’s story) The author met Lydia just before leaving Louisiana. Lydia lives in a shelter house of seventy-some people. She had an abscessed tooth but was unable to fix because of shortage of money (the X-ray was $25). Earlier she lived in “Eighth Ward in New Orleans, Louisiana” (p.129 line 1). Which is adjacent to that
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